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Globe Carnival Club

Wells Somerset

Established 1968

The Queens Visit



During Carnival 2001 we were approached by Wells City Council to keep our cart Automaton intact after carnivals with a possibility of presenting our cart to the Queen in the Market Place representing The Somerset Carnivals during the Somerset leg of the Queens Jubilee Tour.


In March came the confirmation that we would be presented to the Queen, one club member would be chosen to meet the Queen, this honour was bestowed on Bill Baker one of Globes Founder Members and cart designer for that year.


Some damage had to be repaired and a bit of sprucing up was done ready for the big day. A generator was duly delivered and the cart moved to Lidles Car Park on the afternoon of the day before the royal visit.


At 6pm the tractor, cart and Generator trailer were given a police escort the wrong way up the High Street to the Market Place where it was parked in position to be guarded and checked overnight by police special services. On the day of the visit cart crew and ground crew arrived in the Market Place around 9am, cups and old photos were set up for display, the cart was checked to make sure it was all working ok.


The cart crew got made up and changed into costume. At 11.15am came the moment the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrived by car into the Market Place after landing by Helicopter at Wells Athletic Ground. The car arrived alongside the cart to rapturous applause and cheers from the large crowds lining the square, the cart crew performed their dance routine while the rest of the club members stood alongside the cart.


The Queen and Prince Philip were then introduced to members of Wells Carnival Committee while Bill stood by with bated breathe for his moment of glory.


The cart crew dismounted and lined up near the trophy table waiting for the Queen and Prince Philip to pass by and speak to many of the members, as they spoke they seemed genuinely interested and intrigued by what the carnivals meant.


I was given permission to take photo's on the day hence some really good close up photo's to record the event. When the Queen left for the next stage of the tour we all lined up alongside the cart and clapped and cheered as the car moved away. A brilliant and memorable day for Globe Carnival Club.  





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